ANAHEIM : Ex-Planner Renamed to City Commission

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Stephen W. Bristol, who was ousted from the city’s Planning Commission three years ago, has been unanimously appointed to a new four-year term on the panel.

Bristol’s return was made possible by a change in the makeup of the City Council, which now includes Bob Zemel, also kicked off the Planning Commission during an acrimonious political struggle in 1992.

“I’m glad to have the opportunity to be working inside of the city again. There are a lot of interesting things that are going to be happening in the next year or so,” Bristol said Thursday. “This is an example that, over time, things can work out.”


In 1992, Councilman Frank Feldhaus, Mayor Tom Daly and former Councilman Irv Pickler were part of a new council majority that flexed its political muscle and fired Bristol and Zemel from the commission.

“Everything has gone full circle, and I think a lot of the political pettiness has been taken out of the process,” Zemel said this week.

At that time, Daly was quoted as saying that he supported the ouster of Zemel and Bristol because, “simply put, I no longer had confidence in their advice.”

Zemel’s ouster from the Planning Commission took place a month after he came in third in an election for one of two openings on the City Council. He was finally elected to the council last November on his third try.

Daly could not be reached Thursday for comment on Bristol’s appointment. Bristol said he was happy to learn that the mayor made his appointment to the panel unanimous.

Bristol, 43, succeeds Mitch Caldwell, whose term had expired. Also, Julie Mayer was reappointed this week to another four-year term on the panel.