INSIDE & OUT : Sumptuous Soaking

Wash away the rough edges of a stressful day with a dip in the Soft Bathtub, a padded tub that conforms to the contours of your body.

The bathtub, manufactured by International Cushioned Products Inc., of Vancouver, B.C., is not only cushy, but durable. Composed of a non-porous elastomeric material covering urethane foam, it is resistant to abrasion and wear and tear. The outer shell of the tub is fiberglass.

“The tub is ideal for letting the day’s aches and woes ooze out of you, and it’s also very safe for children and the elderly, who might be concerned about slipping,” says Melody Fry Shapoory, company spokeswoman.

The Soft Bathtub (from $1,500 to $3,500) is available in standard and wide-body sizes. Custom features, such as whirlpool jets and an underwater illumination system, can be added. There are six stock colors, including white, black, bone and gray, but the company can customize hues to match decors.


For more information, contact Kitchen and Bath Design in Newport Beach at (714) 955-1342, B & C Custom Hardware and Bath in Laguna Hills, (714) 859-6073 or the manufacturer at (800) 882-7638.

Frame Work

Frames by D. L. Rhein of Los Angeles are as pretty as the pictures they surround.

The designer introduces a new line of handcrafted frames every six months. Among the materials she uses are pearls, velvet, rose petals and such spices as vanilla and cinnamon.


Rhein, a graduate of USC who majored in fine arts, originally started dressing frames as gifts for her friends. They were such a hit, she decided to start the company.

The frames start at $32 for the 3-inch-by-3-inch size (some larger sizes include mirrors).

Rhein’s frames are available in Orange County at Snapz in Brea, Blooms in Corona del Mar, Modern Romance in Newport Beach and Elements in Irvine, or by calling (213) 624-7673.

Keeper of the Grape

For the ultimate in dispensing and preserving wine, the Winekeeper has the market tapped. The key to the system is the stopper-faucet, which doesn’t leak, drop or pop out of the bottle.

After uncorking the wine, insert the stopper-faucet into the bottle, tighten and connect to a nitrogen supply line and dispense. Wine will stay fresh for two to four weeks. The nitrogen replaces the wine as its poured.

Winekeeper cabinetry gives the system a custom look. Refrigerated models for multiple bottle dispensing (four-bottle refrigerated models for white and red wine begin at about $1,400) are available from the Santa Barbara-based company, which specializes in wine storage.

The basic component system, which includes a stopper, nitrogen canister with regulator and supply line, starts around $75.


For more information, call (805) 963-3451.