Even King Not Immune From Tyson Outburst

Mike Tyson, who has yet to prove that he has regained his ring fury, flashed some of his old news conference explosiveness Wednesday, the former heavyweight champion going so far as telling promoter Don King to stop interrupting him.

Asked by Newsday’s Greg Logan to explain a comment during a Showtime interview to the effect that Tyson knew he would be betrayed by those closest to him, Tyson bristled.

“People like you, we call them assassins,” Tyson said to Logan. “Some assassins shoot people and kill people. Other kinds of assassins, they wait behind school buses and wait for you to fall into the snow.

“These people kill your character. And that’s what you are--you’re a character killer.”


King, apparently thinking Tyson had finished, began congratulating him for the attack, but was immediately cut off.

“Please be quiet while I’m speaking!” Tyson snarled.