Valleywide : City's Recycling Program Expands

The city of Los Angeles has expanded its recycling program to include mixed paper, a municipal Bureau of Sanitation spokesman said Monday.

According to David May, city residents may now put mixed paper on their curbs, alongside their yellow recycling bins, for pickup.

Any clean paper that is not stained with food may be put out, including telephone books, junk mail, Post-it Notes, cereal boxes, colored paper and envelopes--even those with windows.

The new program began Sept. 1 on a citywide basis.

"The market for all recyclable goods is excellent right now," May said.

Mixed paper now commands $20 to $25 per ton, contrasted with a year ago when people had to pay companies to take and recycle mixed paper.

Paper accounts for a large portion of the city's waste, making up 40% of residential garbage.

Los Angeles picks up about 2,000 tons of discarded paper a month, about 65% less than possible because of trash scavengers, city sanitation officials said.

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