INSIDE & OUT : Lean Back


They’re comfortable, but style is another matter.

Recliners, known more for how they make us feel than for how they look, get a stylish swoosh forward by Hjellegjerde of Norway.

A world leader in manufacturing recliners, Hjellegjerde combines appealing lines with ergonomics.

“Strong chairs with great shape and detail distinguish us,” says Jim Dobry, head of the company’s U.S. office in Huntington Beach. “All of our chairs swivel and recline, and they can be converted to an executive desk chair.”


The chairs ($900 to $2,000 for recliners, $900 for office/desk chairs) have steel frames and high-grade leather upholstery. There are 20 styles and nine finishes--including walnut, oak, teak and mahogany--available. Custom orders can be accommodated.

Even if you’re concerned about spilling your cola on the chair, or worse yet, the kids playing Power Rangers on it, Hjellegjerde has leathers that can handle anything you can dish out. They’re virtually kid-proof, Dobry says.

For information, call (714) 842-5569.

Custom Creations

Anita Byers of Huntington Beach knew exactly what she wanted--a vintage-look, patchwork-fabric sofa she loved at an expensive boutique.

Byers also knew exactly what she didn’t want--a bill for the couch’s $2,000 price tag.

In the end, Byers got exactly what she wanted at the Fine Furniture Collection store in Tustin. Byers took her drawings and photos to store manager Danny Vong, and about two weeks later, “I got my couch in my price range,” she says.

Fine Furniture, which opened in July, can make look-alike pieces for less than designer prices. “We let the customer choose all the elements, then we put it together,” Vong says. “We feel no one should have to settle for second best or something they don’t exactly want.”

All of the furniture is made at a factory in Los Angeles, and an average sofa runs $600 to $700. Many custom features and detail work are included in the price.


Fine Furniture, 2826 El Camino Real, in the Tustin Marketplace, stocks collections too. Call (714) 730-8994.

It’s a Lock

When you need a little security when gardening, playing tennis or frolicking at the beach, Sentry’s Portable Lock’R helps keep you safe, not sorry.

The mini-safes are made of high-impact plastic with concealed hinges and a spring-loaded latch. A Master Lock is built into the unit, and a cable to attach it to a stationary object is included. One, about 1 by 6 by 6 inches, is around $20; another, about 3 by 9 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches, is around $30.

The Portable Lock’R is available at Kmart, Wal-Mart and Staples, or call (800) 828-1438.