VISA PROBLEMS: If you'd like to buy...

VISA PROBLEMS: If you'd like to buy the two dance-pop albums that Alanis Morissette released in Canada before hitting it big this year with her U.S. debut, "Jagged Little Pill," you'd better act quickly--or be prepared to travel north of the border.

After a limited supply of the albums "Alanis" and "Now Is the Time" made their way recently into the U.S., MCA Music Publishing, which owns the worldwide rights to Morissette's songs, moved to stop MCA Canada from producing the albums.

"We've got a career going here that has nothing to do with those early albums," says John Alexander, an executive vice president for MCA Music Publishing in North America. He signed Morissette seven years ago when the Canadian singer was 14. "She doesn't want them on the street here--and neither do we."

The two albums, which between them sold more than 150,000 copies in Canada, are full of lightweight material that sounds more like Paula Abdul than the raw, confessional "Jagged Little Pill," which has sold more than 1.5 million copies in the United States since its release in June.

Adds Alexander: "We have a definite thought about what we want to do with those first two albums: Bury them, burn them. We don't want to deal with them."

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