"My uncle was murdered a few years ago. It took two months for the police to find them and three months to find them guilty . . . I've got my complaints against the Police Department, but in my family, the police did OK. But justice isn't blind. It sees race and color."

Miguel Perez, Junior at Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies.


"That was revenge for the people in jail for the King verdict. I do agree with this verdict."

M. Campo, Commenting on the charges against O.J. Simpson as she and best friend Elia Segura watched over breakfast.


"I'm very sorry for the family. He's guilty of family abuse."

Elia Segura, Disagreed with Campo throughout the case.


"Can we bowl?"

Jackie Kantor, Of Woodland Wills, growing impatient with the O.J. chatter that had interrupted women's league at Corbin Bowl

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