Green Day: Something for All




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It's been only two years since Green Day released its major-label debut, "Dookie," and was quickly deemed leader of a punk resurgence by media and marketers. But the band, complete with spiky hairdos and fake English accents, didn't assume a mantle of importance. Instead, it continued to play its snot-nosed power pop while blatantly validating Jam and Buzzcocks comparisons.

Sure, bands like Offspring are more original, but Green Day offers something for everyone: fun cartoon music for kids, perky tunes for aerobicizers and user-friendly punk for older folks spooked by Sid Vicious the first time around.

"Insomniac" is no exception. The 14-track album is an extension of "Dookie," complete with short, fast and addictive songs with sure-fire, sing-along choruses. Billie Joe Armstrong sings with less of a cockney tilt now, but still powers out lyrics like "I'll just wait for Mom and Dad to die, and get my inheritance."

If you look to Green Day for attitude-charged punk-rock, you'll hate "Insomniac." But if you just want the stuff that made groups like KC & the Sunshine Band great, this is your record.

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