Talk Is Classy / Talk Is Cheap

Oprah Winfrey's show on Sept. 15, about the film "Color of Fear," should win an Emmy. I had chills, tears, shouts of joy and laughter listening to the comments on racism in America. All of America should see this film. People must always try their best and not give in or give up.

All other talk shows should be canceled if they're not going to excel like Oprah. I watched Carnie Wilson's show for 15 minutes--it was horrible. Oprah is still the classiest.

Charlotte Walker, Walnut


I cannot believe believe we have yet another sleazy talk-show host in the name of Danny Bonaduce. Don't we have enough people out there bringing in all their dirty laundry and airing it in public?

Lots of luck to all of them. I'll stick with Oprah, She has style, class and is entertaining as well.

Toni Jacobson, Monterey Park

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