Angelyne moves! Angelyne speaks!At least, that's the...

Angelyne moves! Angelyne speaks!

At least, that's the claim of a spokesman for World Artists Home Video, which is coming out with the documentary, "Angelyne," for "Christmas release." (And you were wondering what to get that special someone this holiday season).

Until now, the queen of the roadside billboards has declined interviews, preferring to limit her exposure to her poses in skimpy costumes. But spokesman Phil Hall says the documentary will not only show a dynamic Angelyne "zipping through Hollywood in her pink Corvette" and "lounging by her pool," it will also show her talking about such social issues as "her kinship with Barbie."

While the 25-minute video will sell for $14.98 in stores, Hall sees a bigger market in mass purchases by corporations. "We think corporations will use it as part of their sales incentive programs," he said. "If you reach a certain number of goals in your job, you will get 'Angelyne' as a reward."

Should be a big hit with female employees.


MANY BEVERLY HILLS CLIENTS: For those of you who have wondered where fat deposits are stored, Anne and Steve Riffenburgh of South Pasadena think they may have found the answer just north of the Civic Center (see photo).


BOARDWALK TO THE STARS: Venice's turbaned, guitar-playing roller skater (or is it turbaned, roller-skating guitar player?) has an album out for Surfdog Records: "Harry Perry: Greatest Hits of the Millennium." Perry, who can also be seen in the movie, "White Men Can't Jump," is one of many boardwalk performers who have gone on to greater glory.

Others include:

* Chain saw juggler Robert Gruenberg, who appeared on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show."

* Liz (Skateboard Mama) Bevington, 71, who has slalomed through the crowds in beer, soft drink and lottery commercials.

* The late Sidewalk Joe Sigler, a tour guide who touted PacBell in a commercial even though he didn't have a telephone. Joe was homeless.

* Huba-Huba, self-described Prime Minister of Limbo, who danced under a 12-inch-high crossbar in a spot for eyeglasses.

* Ted Hawkins, a singer who played his acoustic guitar while standing on a beat-up milk crate and later recorded an album for DGC Records before dying at the age of 58.

Venice activist Jerry Rubin says that other boardwalkers were captured in a recent cable documentary, which he hasn't seen, "on the most unusual acts in Venice. They did the guy who stands on his head on a chair and plays the guitar and yodels. And they had the belly-dancer who has a snake wrapped around her."

In a footnote, Rubin added that some Venetians "tried to get the snake off the boardwalk. But we talked to the lawyers and they worked it out. The snake stayed."

NO ROLL IN THE HAY: No sir, not on the Pomona Freeway on Tuesday, where a Sigalert was declared after a spill of hay. Just another Southland case of trafficus interruptus.


In the November issue of Vanity Fair, Simpson trial watcher Dominick Dunne reports that ex-Brentwood maid Rosa Lopez became engaged to a Baltimore teacher of cat yoga after she moved back to El Salvador. However, the romance ended because "Rosa was allergic to cats."

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