CAMARILLO : City Picks Orchard as Water Tank Site

Camarillo officials have come up with a new site for a 4-million-gallon water tank to the relief of residents of the unincorporated area of Camarillo Heights.

A near-capacity crowd saw the City Council on Wednesday eliminate two Mesa Drive lots in the residential Camarillo Heights neighborhood as potential reservoir sites. Residents of that neighborhood said the tank would be unsightly and they feared that it could crack and flood the area during an earthquake.

Instead, the council decided to conduct an environmental review on a never-before considered tract in a lemon orchard near Worth Way.

"I think it's too populated an area to build a new tank," Councilwoman Charlotte Craven said of the original Mesa Drive sites. "I think a reservoir is a perfect neighbor to an orchard."

The council did not select an alternative site for the water tank if the environmental analysis finds the site in the lemon orchard inadequate.

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