L.A. Speak : At The Zoo

birder n . person who frequents zoo's aviary. browser n . leaf-eating animal such as giraffe. browse man n . zoo employee who cuts foliage for browsers.

candle v . to hold an egg against bright light to see whether it's fertilized or ready to hatch.

herp freak n. zoo attendee with zealous dedication to the reptile displays. "That herp freak has been to the iguana cage five times this month."

knock down v. to tranquilize an animal.

knock out v . to clean up an exhibit. "After break, I'm going to knock out the water buffalo display."

lister n. obsessive birder who catalogues every bird encountered in captivity and the wild; goal is to have longest list among fellow listers.

pinky n . food item like a baby rat or mouse that's fed to reptiles or birds of prey. "Toss the mongoose a pinky , I don't like the way he's looking at me."

squeeze-cage n. collapsible enclosure that restrains animals during medical procedures.

TAG abbr . taxon advisory group, the zoo's oversight committee for a classification of animals. "I need to speak to the TAG chairman before we move the rhinos."

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