Valley Campus Projects


The three San Fernando Valley campuses in the Los Angeles Community College District could receive nearly $49 million in funding for a range of mostly outdoor maintenance and improvement projects under a proposed tax plan.

Pierce College, Woodland Hills

$28-million request includes:

* $8 million to expand campus stadium seating to 30,000 or more and related facilities.

* $6.25 million to repair aged campus parking lots and replace lighting and sprinkler systems.

* $6 million to build an equine center arena for animal shows, rodeos and major events.

Mission College, Sylmar

$15-million request includes:

* $10 million to construct a physical fitness center.

* $4.5 million to build a two-level parking structure.

* $140,000 to reseal and resurface the campus parking lot.

Valley College, Van Nuys

$5.95-million request includes:

* $2.25 million for parking lot resurfacing.

* $755,000 to landscape around the campus's bungalow classrooms.

* $354,400 for park and recreation improvements at the baseball stadium.

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