L.A. Benched / Week 9 : Now Charity Begins Her Week at Home

Charity Lloyd used to have fun watching people eat in the press box at Raider games at the Coliseum.

Like a thundering herd, they would charge in and eat everything from hot dogs to fruit before, during and after every Raider game.

"The one thing about the media, is that they sure eat a lot," said Lloyd, who worked the last three years as a press box host for Raider games. "They're also very social and talkative."

Lloyd's Sundays now are spent relaxing with her family in Los Angeles, wishing that the Raiders still called the Coliseum home.

Working NFL games was a great second job for Lloyd, who works during the week as a postal clerk. She misses the extra income.

"Getting another team to play at the Coliseum would be nice," said Lloyd, who still works USC home games. "I wish the Raiders would come back, but I know they won't. I just miss working here on Sundays."


* At 1 p.m. on a fall day in Los Angeles, it was 74 degrees with a chance of sprinkles but no chance of professional football.

* You think Los Angeles has problems with sports teams leaving? Consider this: Former Oiler running back Alonzo Highsmith is a heavyweight fighter in Houston and hasn't lost yet. He figures he can use the Astrodome if the Oilers and Astros both move.

"I'll be fighting in the Astrodome. It's going to be me in the dome. I'll be the only ticket in town," he said.

* Jerome Bettis of the Rams, who had 10 rushes for 27 yards Sunday, moved into 10th place on the Rams' all-time rushing list with 2,862 yards. He moved ahead of Jon Arnett, who had 2,852.

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