CAMARILLO : Students Win Top Environment Award

A group of Camarillo High School students who volunteered to teach children about preserving the Earth and recycling was one of eight groups nationwide to win the President’s Environmental Youth Award this year.

The 25-member Aquarian League will travel to San Francisco within the next few weeks to receive the award, said Kevin Buddhu, an English teacher who founded the program four years ago.

“It’s really quite an honor to receive this award and I’m very proud of the students,” Buddhu said. “What they do is for purely altruistic reasons--they receive no school credit for it.”

Throughout the year, the group conducts beach cleanups and seminars on recycling at elementary schools at which they teach children about household toxins and ocean pollution.


Since the program was founded, several of its members have enrolled in environmental studies at the college level, Buddhu said.

This was the first time the group applied for the award, Buddhu said.

Although there is no monetary prize, the students will tour an environmental museum at UC Berkeley and talk to several environmental experts, he said.