Woodland Hills : Pierce to Expand Recycling Efforts

Assisted by a $49,315 state grant, Pierce College plans to expand its efforts to recycle trash generated on the 420-acre campus, acting President Mary Lee said this week.

School officials said the money from the state Department of Conservation will be used to purchase a forklift and baler to prepare cardboard for recycling, and to scavenger-proof containers for cans, bottles and used white paper.

The school began its recycling program in 1993 with a $10,000 grant from the same agency, officials said. Bins were purchased, officials said, but they are not tamper-proof, and some of the recyclable material has been stolen.

Officials estimate that the campus generates 2 1/2 tons of recyclable materials each month, including 200 pounds of aluminum cans, 800 pounds of glass and 50 pounds of plastic beverage containers.


“The college feels a responsibility to address issues affecting the environment . . . , which on a greater scale affects us all,” said Dorothy Rupert, the school’s dean of resource development and community relations.