Sports Show Where Simpson Was to Appear Is Canceled

Promoters have canceled a New Jersey sports memorabilia show at which O.J. Simpson was scheduled to sign autographs and make his first public appearance since his acquittal, it was announced Friday.

Promoters of the “Football Spectacular Four” show set for February at the Atlantic City Convention Center gave no reason for the cancellation.

However, Tammy Bruce of the National Organization for Women’s Los Angeles chapter said, “Ultimately, the message is that a known, admitted, convicted batterer--a man who beats up women--is not good for business.”

Various Atlantic City city officials, women’s groups and other civic leaders reportedly were in conflict over the scheduled event, including Mayor James Whelan, who did not favor Simpson’s visit.


Lawmakers had asked the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority to ban Simpson’s appearance, but the authority said it had no legal grounds to do so.