Council Candidate Will Remove Campaign Signs

Charging that workers from other campaigns were tearing down his signs, Ventura City Council candidate Charles E. (Buster) Davis said Sunday he would remove his campaign signs from city streets and stop all other forms of advertising.

Davis scheduled a news conference for noon today to announce the move. The news conference will be held at Davis’ restaurant at the corner of California Street and Thompson Boulevard.

The signs may be coming down, but Davis said he is staying in the race.

“I’m just not going to give them ammunition to take my signs and rip them up,” he said. “The people know who they’re going to vote for by now.”


The signs started disappearing about a week ago, Davis said. He declined to name which campaigns were responsible, saying he didn’t want to stoop to their level.

Council candidate Christopher T. Staubach also has complained that his signs have been disappearing.

Davis said the money he would have spent on advertising will now go to local charities and community groups.