THOUSAND OAKS : Advisory Positions Open for Residents

The city of Thousand Oaks has announced openings on three committees that make advisory recommendations to the City Council.

Officials announced vacancies on the Traffic and Transportation Commission, the Council on Aging and the Thousand Oaks Beautiful committee.

Applicants to the Thousand Oaks Beautiful committee, which works to help promote the city, must apply at City Hall by Thursday. The number of available seats is open.

The Traffic and Transportation Committee has one seat available to a city resident. The panel makes recommendations about various transit issues to the City Council. Applicants must contact City Hall by Thursday.


Seniors interested in serving on the city’s Council on Aging have until Nov. 30 to apply. Applicants must be at least 60 years old and reside in Thousand Oaks.

Anyone wishing to apply for the openings should call City Hall at 449-2151.