Douglas Sibling Won’t Face Charges Over Airplane Incident

A lawyer for the brother of movie star Michael Douglas said Wednesday that federal charges have been dropped against Eric Douglas for allegedly attacking flight attendants during a flight from New York to Los Angeles.

Douglas, 36, had been charged with assaulting and intimidating the American Airlines cabin crew after activating their call buttons and running through the airplane “being loud and obnoxious.”

His lawyer, Richard Steingard, told reporters that a federal judge had signed a motion Wednesday dismissing the case after prosecutors decided not to press charges.

Assistant U.S. Atty. Tom Warren was not immediately available for comment.


Douglas, a sometime actor, was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after the flight landed in July.

According to the now-dismissed complaint, Douglas’ behavior was triggered by a request by one of the flight attendants to place his dog in a carrying case. He responded by putting the animal on a blanket and pillows on a vacant seat next to him.