Change Proposed for Mobile Home Leases

Ventura County supervisors are considering a change in the county’s mobile home rent-control ordinance that would prohibit park owners from requiring new residents to sign a long-term lease.

Under current state law, mobile home residents who sign long-term leases are automatically ineligible for rent control, officials said.

As a result, a park owner could force a person buying a coach in a park to enter into such a lease, officials said. This, in turn, would exempt the tenant from the protection provided by the county’s mobile home rent-control ordinance.

The revised county ordinance, proposed by Supervisor Susan K. Lacey, would not only prohibit such abuses but protect mobile homes as affordable housing, officials said. There are more than 20 mobile home parks in the unincorporated area of the county.


The supervisors will consider drafting an amendment to the county ordinance at their meeting Tuesday.