Coming Attractions Revisited

The following previews are rated PG, with apologies to Leonard Maltin.

ROCKY II-- . . . this slightly silly film is more a rehash, but the climactic bout hits home.

OK, Los Alamitos-Mater Dei II doesn’t exactly demand klieg lights--or Anaheim Stadium--this season. Still, as sequels go . . .

DEATH WISH II--Bronson’s back in action, this time bringing his one-man vigilante act to L.A.


Mater Dei’s David Castleton. Is he a quarterback? Is he a wide receiver? Is he a defensive back? Will he be all three?

The most dangerous player on the field, as far as the Griffins are concerned.

THE RETURN OF FRANK JAMES-- . . . Henry Fonda reprises role from 1939 “Jesse James” in story of attempt to avenge his brother’s death.

Kevin Feterik has reprised his role as quarterback rather well. But will he avenge the death of Los Alamitos’ 47-game unbeaten streak?

GHOSTBUSTERS II--The boys team up again after their last adventure to save NYC from a slime of gargantuan proportions . . .

A note to the Los Alamitos’ offensive line: Brad Williams, 6 feet 6, 260 pounds, you might want to block him.

RETURN OF THE SEVEN--The gang has reformed for more protection . . .

Williams isn’t alone. The Monarchs had seven returning defensive starters, which gave the offense time to work the kinks out. They’re still waiting.

ALLIGATOR II: THE MUTATION--Another big alligator menaces another big city . . .

Rashawn Davis, the Griffins’ 6-5, 295-pound defensive lineman, moved from Texas this year, but he hasn’t always been menacing. If he is Friday, the defense will consume the Monarchs’ running game.

DEMONS 2--Demonic infection spreads among people in modern apartment building; they transform into fanged, clawed monsters and attack others.

Ever hear a pregame speech by Mater Dei Coach Bruce Rollinson?

RETURN OF THE MUSKETEERS-- . . . d’Artagnan tries to reunite the remaining musketeers to save Queen Anne . . .

Two musketeers, not four.

Griffin receivers Russ Benefield, Stan Guyness, Tony Hartley and Brad Melsby terrorized defenses last season. Benefield and Melsby graduated. It’s a whole lot easier to cover two.

IRON EAGLE II-- . . . General Gossett recruits Humphrey to team with Soviet counterparts . .

Hey Mater Dei doesn’t recruit.

SON OF FLUBBER-- . . . the absent - minded professor has new inventions--flubbergas and dry rain.

Hmmm, both might help the Griffins, but instead of looking for new gimmicks, how about an old standby. It’s called a running game.

COCOON: THE RETURN--Disappointing follow-up in which elderly earthlings return for a visit to their home planet . . .

Let’s see, Los Alamitos was an “Orange County team” last season. Or so we were told a year ago, when the Griffins played Long Beach Poly at Orange Coast College instead of Long Beach Veterans Stadium--their usual home.

So are they now a Los Angeles County team? They return to the Vet Friday. Confusing.

PIRANHA II: THE SPAWNING--Med-type resort where human mating rituals are interrupted by the spawning ritual of mutated flying fish (grunions).

Look at it this way, even if this game doesn’t live up to last season’s, it has got to be more entertaining than Orange County’s new indoor football franchise.

AMITYVILLE II: THE POSSESSION--Officially a prequel . . .

This, too, is a prelude. The Los Alamitos-Mater Dei winner will likely get No. 1-seeded Fontana.

So maybe this won’t live up to the original. But the “Godfather Part II” worked.