Garlic Covers All

Of the making of funny aprons there is no end, but an outfit called the Imagination Assn. has come up with some particularly good ones. For instance, “Recovering Vegetarian” (featuring a bloody cleaver), or “Help! My souffle’s fallen, and it can’t get up!” Or this one of a dubious sauteing cat (we suppose), who’s saying, “When in doubt, smother it in garlic.” They’re sold in gourmet and specialty stores, or you can get a catalogue by calling (818) 353-0804.

Carry On

It’s “bring a dish” season. This covered springform pan lets you bake your cake (or torte) and carry it too. Available at Cookin’ Stuff in Torrance, Bristol Kitchens in South Pasadena and Jordano’s in Santa Barbara.

Seeing Spots


Peacock feathers are the inspiration for Boleslawiec (Boleslavitz) stoneware, originally designed by Polish farmers and made in a factory that has been in operation for more than 200 years. The dishes are shaped with special white clay, painted with lead-free glazes, then fired at super-high temperatures to produce intense colors and a chip-resistant finish. No two pieces are the same. Available at Katli Store in Gardena, Now You’re Cooking in Montclair and Arpec Store in Sherman Oaks.

Bury This Note

Chile seeds that correspond to enclosed watercolor sketches of the chiles themselves are embedded in the paper of these greeting cards, which you can plant, indoors or out. It’s the funkiest-looking biodegradable recycled paper you’ve ever seen. The chile varieties are aji (a hot South American variety), New Mexico green (mild) and Fips (a striking ornamental chile). From Mo Hotta Mo Betta, the mail-order hot sauce company. $4.25 plus 30 cents tax per card, plus $3.56 shipping (outside California, no tax and $4.75 shipping) for three or fewer. To order, call (800) 462-3220.