Don't Overlook 'Gumby'

Your review of "Gumby the Movie" could not have been more off the mark (" 'The Gumby Movie': Toys, No Story," Calendar, Dec. 4). I had a two-week special preview of this movie in San Luis Obispo. I polled more than 50 people who saw it, and they all loved it. This movie delivers good, wholesome values that most movies seem to have dropped by the wayside.

I've seen most of the clay animated films ever produced and this one is as good as it gets. The animators who helped bring this movie to life went on to animate "Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas" and were involved in "Toy Story." But the Gumby movie is the only one that will not scare young children. It will only entertain them.

JOE CLOKEY, San Luis Obispo. Joe Clokey considers himself "Gumby's brother" since he is the son of producer-director-screenwriter Art Clokey, who made the Gumby movie.

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