Update / Follow-up on the news : GARDEN GROVE : Council Agrees to Put 3 Issues on Ballot

Among measures that the city will include on the March ballot for voter approval are a term limit ordinance, ratification of the existing tourism and business taxes and two water initiatives, the City Council decided at a recent special session.

The term limit ordinance, proposed by Councilman Mark Leyes, would limit members to two four-year terms and the mayor to four two-year terms.

The measures on the business tax and tourism tax--a levy on guest bills at hotels--would seek voter approval to increase two revenue measures enacted in 1991 and 1992. Proposition 62 requires that the matter be put to the electorate.

Voters will also be asked whether they want to change the water billing system, as proposed by Councilman Bob Dinsen, or keep it the way it is now.

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