NEWPORT BEACH : High-Priced Cars Hit in Pellet Gun Spree

Pellet gun fire shattered windows of at least 26 high-priced cars throughout the city early Friday.

Police said the vandalism occurred between midnight and 5 a.m., but they have no description of the vandals.

"They could be 35 years old and on a drunken spree, but the pattern seems to fit with younger vandals," Sgt. Doug Thomas said.

Police took 26 reports Friday from car owners about windows that had been shot out. Nothing appears to have been stolen from the cars, Thomas said.

One was a Lincoln Continental and the other 25 were "Beamers or Mercedes . . . pricey cars," Thomas said.

The vandalism occurred all over the city, including Corona del Mar, Dover Shore and Balboa Island, Thomas said.

Anyone with information on the shootings should call the Police Department at 644-3717.

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