Juror Reimbursement

So, ex-Simpson juror Anise Aschenbach wants to embarrass Judge Lance Ito for not reimbursing her for $2,000 (Dec. 14). Aschenbach should be embarrassed for only giving the people, in People vs. O.J. Simpson, a morning's worth of deliberations!

Judge Ito gave her a beeper and an escort to her rental property, he provided her with a law clerk to stay on the property to receive rental applications, and he arranged for a professional real estate manager to handle the renting of this property, all at taxpayers' expense. Ito simply told Aschenbach that he would "try" to get her some assistance. Perhaps Aschenbach is unaware that many people were questioning Judge Ito when rumors began to fly that he did offer financial assistance to one of the jurors during the trial.

Embarrass Judge Ito? If anything, I feel better toward the judge knowing that he didn't give Juror 1290 any money!


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