Ken Keyes Jr.; Author of Self-Help Books

Ken Keyes Jr., 74, author of 15 popular self-help books. Originally involved in real estate in Miami, Keyes became interested in personal growth in the 1970s. He founded the Living Love Center in Berkeley in 1973, Cornucopia Institute in 1977 and the Ken Keyes College in 1985, and had recently opened the Caring Rapid Healing Center in Coos Bay, Ore. Keyes' books included "How to Develop Your Thinking Ability," "How to Live Longer-Stronger-Slimmer," "Handbook to Higher Consciousness," "How to Enjoy Your Life in Spite of It All" and his last, just published in June, "Your Road Map to Lifelong Happiness." His associates said Keyes has 4 million books in print in seven languages. Born in Atlanta, Keyes attended Duke University and the University of Miami. He served in the Navy during World War II. On Wednesday in Coos Bay.

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