Proposed Katella Improvements Backed

Saying that the improvement is needed, the City Council has endorsed a proposal to convert Katella Avenue into a countywide “smart street.”

The proposal, if adopted by the Orange County Transportation Authority, would expand parts of Katella and coordinate signal lights so that traffic would move faster.

The project, to be paid for with Measure M tax funds, would cost $8.2 million.

During discussion at this week’s council meeting, Councilman Tom Carroll asked for an explanation of the term “smart street.”


Public Works Director Mark Christoffels replied, “The idea is that it is a well-coordinated, functioning street.”

Christoffels said the proposed countywide project calls for improving Katella from the San Gabriel River Freeway to the Costa Mesa Freeway.

“The improvements recommended in the city of Cypress are actually only a small portion of the overall project and are primarily located at the intersection of Katella Avenue and Knott Street,” he said.

Council members said that, even though Cypress gets relatively small benefit from the proposed project, improvement of Katella would be valuable for the whole region.


If the OCTA picks Katella for the project, construction would start in about four years, Christoffels said.