Busing Students

Busing. It seems as if every time the liberals create a plan to improve the quality of our state’s educational system, they come up with one solution: busing.

Senate Democratic Leader Bill Lockyer introduced a bill to bring a form of competition to public schools. His bill would allow some students in some very poorly performing schools to be bused to other public schools (June 13). That’s a liberal’s view of radical education reform.

Real education reform was proposed by Gov. Pete Wilson in his State of the State address (now in the form of an Assembly bill) when he proposed a pilot program to let a few students in poorly performing schools transfer to the school of their choice--whether the new school was public or private.

Wilson’s opportunity scholarships empower students and parents, while Lockyer’s bill imposes hours a day on a bus for a good student in search of a good public school. Some of the brightest lights in the inner city come from private schools with less bureaucracy and more parental control.



Redondo Beach