Stamp Act

Maybe you had the kind of Mom who sent you fabulous packages of cookies or candy or whatever homesickness remedy she could think of when you were away at school or camp. Even if you didn't, you'd probably like to do something swell like that for your kids, but who has the time? Sending a package of Chips Ahoy by itself just won't cut it. If you spruce up the package, however, store-bought cookies say "I miss you" just as well as home-made ones.

You could, for instance, press images from these cheerful rubber stamps on your care package. The stamps come in many culinary varieties and range from being a little too cute to being extremely real. The kids will be happy, and you may even have enough time to enjoy the peace that has settled around the house since they left.

Available at Stampa Barbara on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles; and in Costa Mesa and in Santa Barbara.

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