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Team: 1. Florida (7-0)

Opponent: Georgia

Comment: Tallahassee, not Georgia, is on Spurrier's mind.


Team: 2. Ohio State (7-0)

Opponent: Minnesota

Comment: Pace still picking Iowa defensive backs out of his teeth.


Team: 3. Florida State (6-0)

Opponent: at Georgia Tech

Comment: The buzz is Busby's getting better.


Team: 4. Arizona State (8-0)

Opponent: at Oregon State

Comment: Prediction: Jake Plummer will swim for three touchdowns.


Team: 5. Nebraska (6-1)

Opponent: at Oklahoma

Comment: Boz, remember when Oklahoma owned this series?


Team: 6. Colorado (6-1)

Opponent: at Missouri

Comment: Once again, quarterback Hessler is Johnny on the spot.


Team: 7. Tennessee (5-1)

Opponent: at South Carolina

Comment: Peyton Place headed for alliance game.


Team: 8. North Carolina (6-1)

Opponent: N.C. State

Comment: Keldorf is the most underrated quarterback in nation.


Team: 9. Northwestern (7-1)

Opponent: at Penn State

Comment: This week: Gary Barnett wins Illinois state lottery.


Team: 10. Michigan (6-1)

Opponent: Michigan State

Comment: Still (cough) ranked ahead of Northwestern in coaches' poll.


Team: 11. Alabama (7-1)

Opponent: Idle

Comment: Tide seeks counseling for "Rocky Top" nightmares.


Team: 12. Wyoming (8-0)

Opponent: SMU

Comment: Cowboys vs. Mustangs, directed by John Ford.


Team: 13. BYU (8-1)

Opponent: Texas El Paso

Comment: Sarkisian has 26 touchdowns and, what, six more games?


Team: 14. Utah (7-1)

Opponent: at Rice

Comment: Mike Fouts throwing like Uncle Dan again.


Team: 15. Kansas State (7-1)

Opponent: Idle

Comment: Week off to recount all-time Division I losses.


Team: 16. Penn State (7-2)

Opponent: Northwestern

Comment: Long day for Wally (Richardson) and Beaver (Stadium).


Team: 17. Army (7-0)

Opponent: at Lafayette

Comment: Dang it, we should have scheduled Notre Dame.


Team: 18. Air Force (5-2)

Opponent: Colorado State

Comment: Always hope with Beau Morgan in the cockpit.


Team: 19. Navy (5-1)

Opponent: Notre Dame (Dublin)

Comment: Village People should sing national anthem.


Team: 20. Notre Dame (4-2)

Opponent: Navy (Dublin)

Comment: Mugs up! "Oh, When Irish Fans Are Crying."


Team: 21. LSU (6-1)

Opponent: Idle

Comment: Kevin Faulk also does windows and auto repairs.


Team: 22. Washington (5-2)

Opponent: at USC

Comment: Dillon runs like a rolling stone.


Team: 23. Miami (5-2)

Opponent: at Temple

Comment: Beware unruly Owl fans; all three of them.


Team: 24. West Virginia (7-1)

Opponent: Syracuse

Comment: OK, maybe fraud is too strong a word.


Team: 25. So. Miss. (7-1)

Opponent: Cincinnati

Comment: Barely passed poll security check.

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