Boom Town

The report this week that NBC’s proposed Burbank expansion would add significant traffic to the area has neighbors fretting. . . . But it’s good news for those looking for work. NBC expects to add 4,300 positions in eight years.

Winners and Losers

Glendale and Burbank dialed winning numbers to keep the 818 area code. The legal bill was $80,000--a pittance compared to the costs businesses would have faced if absorbed by the 626 area code: new stationery, advertising and telephone equipment. . . . The losers? Printers. “We had hoped for more business,” lamented Glendale shop owner Ruben Ovanespour. On the plus side, he gets to keep his area code.

The Week Ahead

Bus riders get a break in fares, starting Monday. A civil rights lawsuit forced the MTA to reduce monthly passes from $49 to $42. A semimonthly pass drops from $26.50 to $21, with a new weekly pass available for $11. . . . For the occasional rider, though, the basic cash fare remains $1.35.