Voices : Anti Airport:

"Is it more important to make money than to protect the health and welfare of people?"

Carmen Vali of Aliso Viejo


"If this were any other time in history, there would be a civil war, a revolt."

Helen Wilson, Lake Forest councilwoman


"A commercial airport of any kind at El Toro is unneeded, unwanted, unworkable and unaffordable."

Larry Agran, Head of Project '99


"What's the rush?"

Richard T. Dixon, Lake Forest mayor


"Is [an airport] feasible, possible? Absolutely. But you don't have a turn-key airport and that's what voters were sold."

Karen Lloreda, Dana Point mayor

Pro Airport:

"El Toro has been an airport since Orange County had orange trees. Let's go with this, because quality of life begins with a paycheck."

Doy Henley, Lincoln Club chairman


"We really do need the El Toro airport. We'll survive without it, but we'll survive much, much better with it."

Ralph H. Bauer, Huntington Beach mayor


"Our tourism industry depends entirely on the ability to move people in and out of the area."

Darrell Anderson, general partner of Knott's Berry Farm


"Newport Beach has taken on the air traffic burden of Orange County for some time. I want you to know we in Newport Beach are just as passionate about the airport as the rest of the county."

Bonnie O'Neil of Newport Beach


"Progress must go on. Please carry out the will of the people of Orange County."

Margaret Jaynes of Costa Mesa Los Angeles Times

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