It’s Time to Be Heard on Alcohol Ads

KLSX-FM management may feel running spots for Jagermeister Liqueur is “in good taste,” but its maverick action in being the first English-language broadcaster in the Los Angeles area to blatantly disregard a decades-old voluntary ban on TV and radio broadcasters is clearly not a wise use of the public’s airwaves (“KLSX Airs Ads for Liqueur Over Objections of Some,” Calendar, Dec. 12). The article quotes the “Real Radio” general manager as asking why radio should be left out, presumably from the profits of pushing hard liquor, now that the Distilled Spirits Council has abandoned the high ground.

No segment of electronic communication will be left out if Rep. Joe Kennedy’s H.R. 3644 lands on President Clinton’s desk. His bill simply states: “It shall be unlawful to advertise distilled spirits on any medium of electronic communication subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission.”

And now that FCC Chairman Reed Hundt will begin a broad inquiry on TV and radio liquor ads and possible regulatory restrictions, your readers can let all concerned players know how they feel about more than just ubiquitous beer and wine ads flooding our airwaves.



Member, Los Angeles County

Commission on Alcoholism