Forget Culture--It's About Human Rights

Re your article "Cultures at the Crossroads" (Dec. 13), I can't believe that this is the second story I've read sympathetic to the men who married 13- and 14-year-old brides, because, after all, it's OK in their culture.

In many places in Asia small children are working more than 12 hours a day. Tell me, will we let anyone do the same to their children here? In some places in Africa, genital mutilation of young girls is the cultural norm. Should we find that acceptable too?

It's not an issue of cultural conflict at all. It's an issue of human rights and constitutional rights. In this country, women have the same constitutional rights as men.


Santa Barbara


To those folks who wish to take advantage of the bounty of the United States, but not adapt to our way of life, I say: If you want the right to marry young girls, then stay in your home country where such things are allowed. If you want the right to beat puppies to death, than stay in your home country. If you want the right to drown your children because of the shame brought on you by your spouse, then stay in your home country.

And to those who demand the above rights in the name of religious freedom, I say, if you wish to practice such a religion, then stay in your home country.

Diversity is wonderful, but does that mean I have to witness cruelty and brutality because it is being done in the name of culture or religion?


West Hollywood

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