Supervisor Assembles Full Staff

Completing his staff, recently appointed 5th District Supervisor Thomas W. Wilson announced the hiring of three new aides, along with three staff members from former Supervisor Marian Bergeson’s office.

Wilson had gone since Dec. 5, when he was appointed by Gov. Pete Wilson to fill Bergeson’s seat, without a full staff.

“We survived with minimum staff for a while,” Wilson said. The hirings “will take the pressure off the original staff and myself. We now have enough people to attend meetings” throughout the 5th District, which covers an area from San Clemente to Newport Beach.

New staff members include:


* Carolyn McInerney, who will be in charge of issues involving housing and libraries. The only part-time worker hired by Wilson, McInerney will also assist on the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station conversion.

* Christi Gordon, who has eight years of background in public relations with nonprofit groups, will handle work involving the county Health Care and Social Services agencies.

* Ken Domer, a former employee of the Office of the Governor, will be responsible for issues concerning the court system, the Orange County Fire Authority and financial matters involving the county executive’s office.

Holdovers from Bergeson’s office are:


* Holly Veale, a former San Clemente mayor who is the lead aide on the air base reuse, transportation, environmental and planning issues.

* Kay Cotton, the aide responsible for emergency management, waste disposal and office administration for Wilson.

* Renee Aragon, a receptionist who liaisons with the county Clerk of the Board and office of protocol.

“We got a lot of resumes from people interested in participating in the restructuring of the county,” Wilson said. “This is a very eager, enthusiastic and professional group.”