17. CASTAIC LAKE--Largemouth bass active in both lakes, but winds have kept boats off water at times. Don Schwach, Pomona, five bass totaling 18 pounds, at 15 feet on plastic lures. Gary Rago, Bishop, nine bass from 4-0 to 10-0, on Worm King lure, at 25-35 feet. Japan’s Mariko Ito, with guide Gary Harrison, a 6-0 bass, on mudsucker.

18. LAKE PIRU--Trout best bet, with trollers using Rapalas and Needlefish getting most. Largemouth bass picking up, biting at northeast end, averaging 2-0. Some catfish.

19. PYRAMID LAKE--Occasional largemouth and smallmouth bass biting off points, but fish have been small and pressure has been very light because of high winds.


20. LAKE CACHUMA--Trout best bet, biting mostly for trollers (Needlefish) at east end. Largemouth bass fair at 25 feet, biting mostly on plastic worms and night crawlers. Ron Marshall, Marina del Rey, 2-8 smallmouth bass, on Roostertail at Drake’s Cove. Warren Watkins, 6, Santa Ynez, 2-0 crappie, on mini-jig at east end.

21. LAKE CASITAS--Largemouth bass good. Kym Shull, Oak View, 14-0 bass, on Castaic soft trout. Her husband, John, a guide, caught two 13-0s. Several smaller fish caught in shallows on smaller plastics. Some trout and catfish.

22. CORONA LAKE--Anglers crowding the north end occasionally are being rewarded with big trout. Ricky Zintzun, Riverside, 15-9 trout, on Power Bait. Conrad Burella, Rialto, 14-1 trout, on Roostertail. A dozen or so others have weighed in at 10-0 or more.

23. SANTA ANA RIVER LAKES--Trout fair to good, with an occasional lunker. Robert Raymond, Fullerton, 14-0 trout. Top catch, a 22-2 sturgeon by Lee Porter, Los Angeles, while fishing for trout with a night crawler.


24. IRVINE LAKE--Several limits of trout, and some trophy-sized fish. Ronson Smothers, Los Angeles, 12-8 trout, on chartreuse Power Bait at Sierra Cove. Largemouth bass becoming active, biting on plastic worms and Pig-n-Jigs off points and ledges. Some catfish.

25. LAGUNA NIGUEL LAKE--Several limits of trout, with many in the 5-0 class, biting on Power Bait and, occasionally, small spinners. Jonathon Massimo, Torrance, 9-0 trout, on inflated night crawler at Three Pipes. Night crawlers also getting largemouth bass in 4-0 class. Jason Fulton, Huntington Beach, 9-8 bass, on Gitzit lure at dam.

26. LAKE SKINNER--Largemouth bass fair at dam and Crappie Rock, biting on night crawlers, plastic worms and crankbaits. Joey Haggerty, Fullerton, 8-5 and 4-2 bass, on plastic worm and crankbait at dam. Crappie picking up at marina point. Trout fair at Ramp 2. Some striped bass.

27. LAKE PERRIS--Lots of lunker largemouth. Bill Montgomery, Oceanside, 12-4 and 9-8 bass, on crawdad at dam. Joe Uribe, Long Beach, 13-6 bass, on Castaic soft trout at east end. Dan Preston, Mira Loma, 12-0 bass, on Pig-n-Jig. Connie Latherow, Chino, 9-2 bass, on crawdad at island. Dan Cobb, Lakewood, 9-8 bass, on plastic worm.

28. SAN DIEGO CITY LAKES--Miramar fair for trout, slow for everything else. Murray: Same as Miramar. Otay: Largemouth bass fair. Paul Kolineck, Lakeside, 10-4 bass, on crawdad. Several over 5-0. Some crappie and catfish.

29. LAKE CUYAMACA--Several limits of pan-sized trout. Orange Rapalas and “anything with scent on it” almost guarantees success, ranger Hugh Marx says.


2. MORRO BAY (Virg’s Landing)--19 anglers (2 boats): 20 red snapper, 140 red rock cod. (Bob’s Sportfishing)--9 anglers (1 boat): 60 red rock cod, 75 assorted rockfish.


4. SANTA BARBARA (Sea Landing)--11 anglers (1 boat): 11 sand bass, 3 sculpin, 15 rockfish.

6. OXNARD (Cisco’s)--20 anglers (1 boat): 5 calico bass, 1 lingcod, 25 rockfish, 2 whitefish.

7. PORT HUENEME--20 anglers (1 boat): 60 assorted shallow-water rockfish.

13. NEWPORT BEACH (Newport Landing)--20 anglers (1 boat): 9 sand bass, 87 sculpin, 1 halibut, 35 mackerel. (Davey’s Locker)--14 anglers (1 boat): 1 calico bass, 3 sculpin, 1 whitefish, 6 rockfish, 1 blacksmith perch, 20 mackerel.

14. DANA WHARF--29 anglers (3 boats): 22 calico bass, 4 sand bass, 1 mackerel, 8 sheephead, 5 pargo.

15. OCEANSIDE--25 anglers (1 boat): 26 calico bass, 21 sand bass, 90 sculpin, 3 whitefish, 13 rockfish, 100 mackerel.

16. SAN DIEGO (Seaforth)--63 anglers (3 boats): 12 calico bass, 36 sand bass, 10 rockfish, 26 mackerel, 46 sculpin, 1 sheephead. (Islandia)--73 anglers (3 boats): 32 whitefish, 126 rock cod, 320 sculpin, 28 rockfish, 10 mackerel.



LOS ANGELES--Arroyo Seco Creek, Belvedere Park Lake, Upper and Lower Big Tujunga Creek, Crystal Lake, Downey Wilderness Park Lake, Echo Park Lake, El Dorado Park Lake, Kenneth Hahn Lake, La Mirada Lake, Legg Lake, Lincoln Park Lake, Little Rock Reservoir, Peck Road Park Lake, Puddingstone Reservoir, San Gabriel River (East, North and West forks), Santa Fe Reservoir, Willowbrook Lake. ORANGE--Mile Square Park Lake, Ralph Clark Lake, Tri-City Park Lake. RIVERSIDE--Cahuilla Park Lake, Evans Lake, Rancho Jurupa Park Lake. SAN BERNARDINO--Yucaipa Park Lake, Cleghorn Lake, Prado Park Lake.