Public Input Sought on RV Street Parking


Although RVs often indicate wealth and leisure activity, in Camarillo they have come to represent decreased property values and safety hazards.

Complaints about the parking of oversized vehicles on residential streets have prompted the Camarillo City Council to ask for public comment about the issue.

Residents in the neighborhood of Rowland Avenue and Regent Street began submitting complaints to the city in January 1996. City officials say they occasionally hear from disgruntled residents in other parts of the city as well.


“The parking of oversized vehicles of various sorts on city streets has been a problem in Camarillo and other cities for many years,” Councilman Bill Liebmann said. “Several cities have addressed the problem by passing ordinances that restrict the parking of oversized vehicles in residential neighborhoods.”

After looking into the situation, the Streets and Transportation Committee decided that parking recreational vehicles and trailers causes safety problems and leads to enforcement and neighborhood disputes, said Liebmann, a committee member.

Many residents attending a council meeting in February argued that their property values were lowered by RVs parked on their streets for extended periods, while others called for an ordinance that would also prohibit the parking of boats, trailers and pickup trucks with campers.

City ordinances already limit all parking on a public street to a maximum of 72 hours, at which time a vehicle must be moved at least two-tenths of a mile.

The City Council will solicit comments from citizens at its meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the council chambers. Written and oral statements will be accepted. Individuals not able to attend the meeting may mail statements to the city clerk at 601 Carmen Drive, Camarillo, 93011-0248.