Potter’s last works show on Bravo; ABC pulls into ‘Port Charles’; KCET goes ‘On Tour’ with new music



“Love-Struck” / 7 p.m. Family Channel

What would happen if Cupid was struck by his own arrow and fell in love with a human? That question is answered in a new romantic comedy with “Picket Fences” alum Costas Mandylor as the mythological love god who falls for Emily (Cynthia Gibb), a heartbroken hygienist whose fiance bolted. Complications ensue (of course) when Emily’s ex resurfaces, forcing Manydlor to decide whether he should pursue his beloved or return to paradise.



“Port Charles” / 9 p.m. ABC

This sudsy spinoff of the steady “General Hospital” gets a two-hour launch in prime time. The soap’s storyline is set in motion with the return of Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner), whose unexpected appearance sparks friction between his former flame Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) and her current squeeze, Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom). Veterans Pat Crowley and Nicholas Pryor are also cast in the serial, which airs weekdays at 11 a.m. beginning Monday.


“Make Me Laugh” / 2:30 and 6:30 p.m. Comedy Central


Ken Ober, the witty host of MTV’s long-gone “Remote Control,” is back on the game show beat with this update of the mirthful TV series. Its simple premise remains the same: Three contestants strain to keep a straight face while anything-for-a-laugh comics do their best to break them up. Kevin Meaney, Wendy Liebman, Judy Gold, Cathy Ladman, Mark Cohen and Henriette Mantel are among the funny folks lined up for the weekday show.


“Karaoke” / 5 p.m. Bravo

“Cold Lazarus” / 5 p.m. Wednesday

When the late British playwright Dennis Potter learned he had terminal cancer in the spring of 1994, he spent the remaining weeks of his life working on these miniseries. The two-part, four-hour programs are linked by a writer named Daniel Feeld (Albert Finney), who in “Karaoke” (which concludes Tuesday) believes the characters in his latest film have come to life. In “Cold Lazarus” (ending Thursday), the cryogenically frozen Feeld thaws out in a 24th century world run by entertainment conglomerates.


“Bill Clinton: Rock & Roll President” / 8 and 10 p.m. VH1

The chief exec talks about the ways music has influenced his life in this one-hour special combining home videos, archival photos and interviews with old friends. Clinton on his early aspirations: “When I was 15 or 16, I even thought about going to Europe to study because in France you could study classical saxophone and actually develop a career that is both classical and jazz. But I ... didn’t want to have to sleep all day and stay up all night.”



“Tarzan Adventure” / 5 p.m. AMC

American Movie Classics invites viewers to swing along with its three-day marathon of 32 movies featuring Edgar Rice Burroughs’ legendary lord of the jungle. The one-hour retrospective “Investigating Tarzan” leads off the loincloth fest, which includes “Tarzan of the Apes,” the character’s first feature film (1918), and 11 other flicks starring Johnny Weismuller, the most popular big-screen hero of them all. In 1934’s cheeky “Tarzan and His Mate,” Maureen O’Sullivan plays the fetching Jane.


“Life ... and Stuff” / 8:30 p.m. CBS

In January, the network said this half-hour sitcom was a midseason entry whose airdate would be announced. Five months later, it finally arrives. Unfortunately for the cast and crew, it comes when the thoughts of most viewers have turned to summer vacation. Rick Reynolds and Pam Dawber (“Mork & Mindy”) play a harried married couple based on material from the comedian’s one-man show. In the opener, ad exec Rick Boswell (Reynolds) thinks the thrill is gone from his 10-year marriage to Ronnie (Dawber).


“On Tour” / midnight KCET


The local PBS station co-produces this 26-part concert series showcasing 50 pop music attractions. Beck, Metallica, Cypress Hill, Smashing Pumpkins, the Fugees and Gin Blossoms (rockers seldom associated with public TV) are among the luminaries performing in various venues. The premiere is headlined by Sting (who was filmed in Vancouver), Steve Earle, Nil Lara and Amanda Marshall. An “On Tour Road Crew” interviews the musicians and provides a backstage perspective.