Ron Popeil Plugged: Salesman of Century

From Associated Press

From the world of Ron Popeil, some random pith and vinegar:

“You and I have never met, but in a way we really have.”

--Popeil, in the preface of his autobiography, “The Salesman of the Century”

“I’m in awe of Velcro. The guy who came up with Velcro, that’s the real inventor. I would give up everything I have created in my life to have thought of Velcro.”

From a Ronco brochure about hair in a can:

“Q: If my head rubs up against leather or fabric furniture and a small amount of the GLH Formula Number 9 Colored Hair Thickener remains, will it clean easily?”


“A: Yes. Whatever you would normally use to clean that leather or fabric will remove the GLH Formula Number 9 Colored Hair Thickener.”

“I don’t think I’m an inventor as much as an innovator. I didn’t make the first pasta maker, but I made the best pasta maker. I just look for needs in the marketplace.”

“The fishing invention of the ‘70s is now the fishing sensation of the ‘80s!”

--Popeil, from an ad for the Popeil Pocket Fisherman

“Bringing something to the market and making it successful--that’s the greatest thing that an inventor can do. And that’s what I’m capable of doing. And you know what? I’d do it for nothing because I enjoy it.”

“Isn’t that sensational?”

--Popeil, hawking the Veg-O-Matic