A Winning Selection


A little shop just opened in Toluca Lake that will be a joy to those who play golf and tennis, or to anyone looking for quality sports clothing at reasonable prices.

Owner Heidi McAlear opened Encore Sports just a few weeks ago, and it shouldn’t take long for word to get around that labels such as Jean Bell, Haley and Hanasport-- often found at country-club pro shops--are available at 40% to 50% off retail prices. Walking shorts from Haley that retail for $77 were $32; from Hanasport there was a $15 tag on $68 shorts; and from Jean Bell, $59 shorts were $28, with matching tops for $22 instead of the $45 retail price.

Most of the merchandise is current. Some may be last year’s style, but in this type of clothing, trendy isn’t the norm. Samples and manufacturers’ overruns make up some of the inventory, overruns from pro shops provide more, but McAlear says manufacturers’ seconds and irregulars also pop up occasionally.

There’s one rack for tennis attire, another for golf and one small rack for men’s stuff. Undoubtedly, the men’s department will grow.


And here’s a twist: Some of the items in the more exotic sports are on consignment. Scuba and equestrian wear fall into this category. Riding britches start at $15 and go up to $35. Hunt coats, which retail around $400, are tagged at $95. The consignment break is 50-50.

Two factors contribute to Heidi’s low prices: The property is family owned, and she has clout with the country club shops.

* Encore Sports, 4446 Forman Ave., Toluca Lake. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tue., Thur., Fri.; 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sat. No credit cards. (818) 985-2221.



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