Update / Follow-up on the news

The Koll Co. has responded to questions from Huntington Beach about city water for its proposed Bolsa Chica development.

But some city leaders say more answers are needed.

The developer is negotiating with the city to get water, sewer, fire, police and library services for a proposed 2,400-home project on the Bolsa Chica mesa. Of those, water has been the most contentious issue.

In May, City Administrator Mike Uberuaga sent Koll a list of 24 questions he said the city needed answered to continue negotiations.


In a letter dated June 13, Koll answered Uberuaga’s questions, such as saying it is willing to pay up to $8.75 million for new water facilities.

But Mayor Ralph Bauer said the letter did not address separate question he raised, such as whether the developer is willing to pay all its costs to the city upfront, instead of as the homes are built.

“It talks mostly about what they want to talk about,” Bauer said this week.

Said Koll Senior Vice President Lucy Dunn: “I suspect sending letters back and forth is probably not the most efficient way to do this. We’d be delighted to meet with them and answer their questions personally.”


By law, the city can’t sell water to anyone outside Huntington Beach unless it has a surplus. And with new developments within the city, Bauer said he’s not sure there would be enough to spare for the Koll development, outside city limits.