Man Admits Severing Penis, Police Say

From Associated Press

A man who claimed that a woman named Brenda cut off his penis has admitted he mutilated himself, police said Friday.

They would not give a reason for Alan Hall’s Dec. 5 actions. Doctors were unable to reattach the organ.

Authorities said the break in the case came Thursday when Hall voluntarily went to the Fairfield Police Department to help detectives develop a composite sketch of his alleged attacker. During questioning, he admitted mutilating himself with a hobby knife, police said, adding that there is no information to suggest Brenda ever existed.

“There were also no indications that anyone else was ever present inside Mr. Hall’s trailer when the incident occurred,” Lt. William Gresham said in a statement.

Hall, convicted in 1983 of voluntary manslaughter in the death of Denise Denofrio, told police that he ran into Brenda at a gas station, they later had sex and she hinted that Denofrio was her friend, leading him to believe revenge was her motive.