Love Needs No Warning

Ellen DeGeneres is said to be angered by the fact that ABC placed a warning about "adult content" on before her show (" 'Ellen' to Carry Parental Advisories," Oct. 9).

I completely agree with Ellen. Any viewer knows that "Ellen" has less adult content than many other shows without warnings, ones that contain depictions of sex, drugs and violence. The only reason ABC placed this warning is because of prejudice against the subject matter, gay love.

It should not be considered controversial for Ellen to simply be honest about who she is. Heterosexual people broadcast their sexuality all the time--on TV and otherwise--whenever kids mention their boyfriends or girlfriends, whenever co-workers tell stories about their wives or husbands, and whenever happy heterosexual couples appear in TV commercials. The only difference is that no one bothers them for it.

It is important for young gay people to see visible and productive role models like Ellen, so they can grow up respecting themselves, form loving and satisfying relationships and live happy lives.

Ellen's show, like the actual lives of gay Americans, is less about sex than it is about love. Love needs encouragement, not "warnings."


Iowa City, Iowa

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