Two-Four-Six-Eight, Pizza We Appreciate!

Cuisine at high school football games usually isn't memorable--except perhaps at Beverly Hills High.

The team's games are catered by Louise's Trattoria, which guarantees freshly baked pizza. "They ran out last game," reported Genevieve Wong, editor of the school newspaper. So, she said, food stand personnel phoned Louise's "and said we need more pizza. And they delivered."

Pizza isn't for everyone, obviously.

Wong said another favorite on the stadium menu is carrots in vinaigrette sauce.

BEVERLY HILLS COPES (CONT.): "In some cities, the Fire Department rescues cats from trees, but not in Beverly Hills," points out writer Steven Herbert.

Herbert sent along an article from the Beverly Hills Courier, which reported that a pony fell into a swimming pool at a residence on North Hillcrest Drive and was unable to get out.

The city's Fire Department was summoned and determined that the pool would have to be partially drained "to reduce the pony's anxiety." A ramp was then built so that the animal could be helped out.

How it fell into the soup was not clear. And what was the pony doing at the house? It was the guest star of a child's birthday party.

CHRISTOPHE'S, IT AIN'T: And, in the final segment of this "Only in Beverly Hills" special, I give you a snapshot by Robert Greenberg of L.A. It shows a rather modest business called the Beverly Hills Barber Shop (see photo). This salon is quite a walk from Rodeo Drive. It's on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean.

ANGELENOS ON THE ROAD: Now that we're island-hopping, this is a good time to show you a favorite shot of John Suderman of Burbank, which he took several years ago in Hawaii (see photo).

SOUNDS LIKE . . . Chester Collins writes that the item here about the clerk who spelled the city of Tripoli as EEE (Triple E) took him back to the time he "ordered an album of the great jazz trumpet pioneer Bix Beiderbecke. The young lady who took the order was obviously much too young to have ever heard of him. So it's small wonder that the store manager later called me back to inquire who is this new artist, Big Spider Beck?"

DOESN'T SOUND LIKE . . . City Talk, the newsletter for the city of Paramount, reports that one of its inspectors "was bitten on the ankle by a large duck while the owner's dog (whose vocal cords are missing) mimed a warning bark."

Sure, I feel for the inspector. But the item made me wonder why you never see a human mime perform with an animal mime. Would be a smash act on the fake "Ed Sullivan Show" that is showing up in commercials.

THINGS I DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW: The mail brought a press release that announced, "Typhoon, the traditional Pan-Asian restaurant at the Santa Monica Airport, has announced that giant wild mountain ants, a delicacy in the Orient, will join the popular stir-fried crickets on the menu this Halloween season."

I don't believe I'm alone in saying that I go out to eat to get away from ants.

But I don't mind a little Big Spider Beck music.


Dr. R. Alvin Gravelle of Northridge reports seeing the following license plates at his hospital: TOC CME (ophthalmologist), I QR U (internist), and CME4EZP (urologist).


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