Ruling Prompts Cities to Revise Teenage Curfews

After a federal court ruling in June struck down San Diego’s tough curfew law, Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach are planning to revamp their curfew laws for teenagers.

The police chiefs and the city attorneys in both cities are working on revisions that will comply more with the San Diego law, which the 5th District Court of Appeals called too vague, overly restrictive and too intrusive on parental rights.

Hermosa Beach adopted its curfew law for teenagers in 1989. Redondo Beach adopted a more restrictive curfew in the mid-1980s, enforcing it sparingly until 1994.

“I don’t know exactly how they are going to change it, but the police chiefs and city attorneys are working on it,” said Hermosa Beach City Manager Steve Burrell.


The beach cities’ curfew laws make it illegal for people under 18 to be out without an adult or to loiter, wander, stroll, drive or ride aimlessly. There were exceptions for youths on their way to or from work or organized school or social activities.