You Just Can’t Whisper Sweet Nothings in His Ear

Evander Holyfield’s lawyers sent Frank Sheftel, owner of the North Hollywood Candy Factory, a cease-and-desist letter to halt sales of the “Earvander-Tyson Bites.”

The bites are ear-shaped chocolates with fake teeth marks.

Sheftel started selling them shortly after the June 28 fight in which Holyfield lost a chunk of his ear to Mike Tyson.

Sheftel said he won’t stop selling the ears, even if it means an appearance in court with the champ.


Add ears: Another chocolate version of Tyson’s ear is being sold at some Southern California candy stores. Glendale entrepreneur Carlos Sepulveda’s “Evander Holey Ear” also bears bite marks.

Trivia time: What is the NFL record for fewest total yards gained by both teams in a game?

NBA orphans: Mark Kiszla in the Denver Post: “The Nuggets--with sagging basketball fortunes and worse TV ratings--have been canceled by Channel 2 [in Denver].

“And our local hoopsters are so bad, they’re having trouble finding any Denver broadcast executive who wants to put their games on free TV.”

The last word: Richie Ashburn, the great Philadelphia leadoff hitter who died last week, hit .350 to win the 1958 National League batting title.

That off-season he received a contract offer from General Manager John Quinn that included a $2,500 pay cut. “You don’t hit your singles far enough,” Quinn said.

Replied Ashburn: “If I hit those singles any farther, they’d be outs.”

For my next trick . . . : Kordell Stewart, the Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback, does a great impersonation of . . . get ready . . . a rat!


During a recent winning drive, out came Kordell The Rat in the huddle.

“I don’t even know how he can do it,” wide receiver Charles Johnson said. “I couldn’t do it if I used my hands, but he can make his face into a rat.”

FYI: The Washington Redskins, who are playing in the new Jack Kent Cooke Stadium in suburban Maryland, increased their average ticket price by 48% to $52.92 and now lead the league.

The lowest average price, perhaps fittingly, is that of the New York Jets--$30.16.


Looking back: On this day in 1903, the presidents of the American League’s Boston team and the National League’s Pittsburgh team agreed to a best-of-nine championship playoff--baseball’s first World Series.

Trivia answer: 30--14 for the Chicago Cardinals and 16 for the Detroit Lions on Sept. 15, 1940.

And finally: More than 3,000 items from Muhammad Ali’s historic boxing career--from his 1957 Golden Gloves trophy to the custom-made robe he sported for his 1974 “Rumble in the Jungle” with George Foreman--will be auctioned at Christie’s in Los Angeles on Oct. 19.

Other items for sale include key chains (a tiny boxing glove inscribed “The Thrilla in Manila”), rare fight posters and big-ticket items such as a 1966 Ali letter to his draft board, expected to sell for $100,000.