We asked, Dodgers fans answered: Let Roger Owens throw peanuts!

Roger Owens has been a peanut vendor at Dodger Stadium for 50 years. (FILE PHOTO: Christine Cotter/Los Angeles Times)
Roger Owens, vendor at Dodger Stadium for 60 years, tosses bags of peanuts to fans at Dodger Stadium. (FILE PHOTO: Christine Cotter/Los Angeles Times)
(Los Angeles Times)

Roger Owens has sold and pitched peanuts at Dodgers games for more than 50 years, becoming a local attraction in the process.

He’s still selling the peanuts this year.

But he’s no longer allowed to toss them to his customers.

Owens said he was told by Levy Restaurants, which runs the stadiums concessions, to tell anyone who asks that the decision was made for the safety of the fans.

The Times asked readers what they thought of the ban. We heard from more than 200 readers, and almost all of them agreed with Russ Donelly of Bend, Ore. (whose response is meant to be sung to the tune of the hit song from “Frozen”):


Let him throw!

Let him throw!

Roger Owens has been tossing peanut bags to fans at Dodger Stadium since the team moved to Los Angeles. This season, he’s been told to stop throwing them.

Here are some of the other responses we received:

I think it’s terrible. Roger is a Los Angeles Icon. He has been slinging sacks of peanuts for as long as I can remember. He even tossed some “two baggers” at my son’s Bar Mitzvah. In these days of turmoil, we own it to ourselves and to our city, to preserve as much history as we, as Angelenos, have got.

Scott Callig, Woodland Hills


It’s ridiculous. I’ve seen him there since I was a kid in the 70s. Was anyone ever injured by a bag of peanuts that he threw? Is the concern that flying peanut dust will trigger someone’s severe peanut allergy?

Lauren Cole, Los Angeles


Very disappointed — what’s next? They should stop selling beer if they’re concerned about fan safety. I tell you we look forward to buying peanuts from Mr Owens — he gives it a special touch when he tossed a bag of peanuts. What can be so dangerous on throwing a bag of peanuts. Come on be serious. A total joke.

Hector Amavizca, Bakersfield, Calif.


Although his tossing of peanuts was very entertaining, I always thought it was unusual and concerning that it was allowed. I would see people who could not catch the peanuts or if he missed his target from afar. It is probably for the best, safety wise, that he is not allowed to throw the peanut bags anymore.

Tony Jimenez, Yucaipa


Roger Owens IS Dodger Baseball.

I’ve known him since I was a kid (always just knew him as “the peanut guy”) and I’m OLD!!!

You can ban everyone else, but Roger must be allowed to throw peanuts as long as he wants to.

Cindy Flynn, Downey


These corporate Scrooges come off like a villain in a Charles Dickens novel. How do they not realize this? They are Chevy Chase’s boss in Christmas vacation. They are Montgomery Burns. They have no business within 1,000 miles of the entertainment industry. Let people play!!

Erik Morse, Sebastopol, Calif.


It’s a travesty that the Dodgers are banning Roger from tossing peanuts.

The man is a baseball institution.

Even Frank McCourt Jr. didn’t mess this up.

Rob Reif, Ballard, Calif.

Pitcher Clayton Kershaw should get the start in the MLB All-Star Game in front of the home crowd of what could be his final season with the Dodgers.


This is as bad a decision as trading Mike Piazza.

Mike Urman, San Juan Capistrano


The ban’s another blow against human interaction and non-industrialized entertainment. He made people happy and it only cost peanuts.

Rebecca Kramer, Venice Beach


Roger Owens is an institution, he is PART of Dodger stadium. My family has had tickets since 1958, part of our wonderful Dodger experience is the “peanut man”.

Roger and I are the same age, he has thrown peanuts to three generations of my family, my kids, grandkids and great grandkids love the man, corny jokes and all...we are going to the next game and my little ones want to see THEIR friend ROGER.

How ridiculous it is to think there is a safety issue.... have they seen Roger work??? He brightens the experience of Dodger Baseball...

Thanks for listening, now.... it’s time for Dodger baseball.

Charlie Northcross, Camarillo