50-Year-Old CIA Marks Achievements

From Times Staff and Wire Reports

Kicking off its 50th birthday anniversary, the CIA basked in presidential praise and showed off a Scud missile, a Soviet tank and a sampling of a little-known line of cosmetics--lipstick that fires a 4.5-millimeter slug. Half a century after the National Security Act of 1947 set the CIA in motion, the agency forgot about foul-ups, spy scandals and botched coups for a day and focused on its accomplishments. A pair of single shot lipstick-pistols used by the KGB were among the more intriguing spy gadgets on display. One was found in the purse of an East German spy arrested in West Berlin during the Cold War."You served where others could not go. You did what others could not do," said President Clinton, making the third trip of his presidency to the agency.

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